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    Relationship with St. Paul’s Girls' School in London

    SPGS International School : Our first overseas ‘sister’ school and the start of an exciting new phase in the history of St Paul’s Girls' School.

    As the top performing girls’ school in the United Kingdom St Paul’s Girls' School has a long tradition of scholarship and holistic education. We are delighted to share our pedagogical techniques and pastoral approach with students in China to create a new and very special school in Chengdu.

    Our ambitions for SPGS International Chengdu are high. We are confident that our superb international teaching and leadership team in Chengdu, supported by our UK school, will enable students in Chengdu to achieve every success.

    We have worked hand-in-hand with our Chinese partner to develop SPGS International School Chengdu. After launch, St Paul’s Girls' School will remain closely involved in all aspects of the school’s operations from teacher recruitment to curriculum planning and school governance. We expect that St Paul’s Girls' Schools’ students in London and Chengdu will develop deep bonds of friendship over the coming years and that all students will be greatly enriched by our joint endeavours.


    SPGS International School Chengdu’s ties to its sister school in London will be strong and close. Our Chengdu school will share the St Paul’s Girls' School ethos of academic excellence and holistic learning programmes, providing students with an education that challenges and excites, recognising individual talents and strengths.


    Through our teaching and learning programmes, we will help students develop independence, curiosity and innovative thinking through a playful engagement with ideas. Our school values in Chengdu echo those of our school in London allowing children to develop confidence, independence, respect for others and care for the environment.


    We will hire the best foreign and local teachers and provide them with ongoing, regular professional development opportunities. We will use teacher and student exchanges between the UK and China to support global citizenship and deliver best-in-class international education. School leaders in Chengdu will also have the benefit of advice and guidance from


    St Paul’s Girls' School will be closely involved in the governance of SPGS International Chengdu through its International Committee of Governors and joint Advisory Board. In addition to carrying out annual inspections, St Paul’s Girls' School will be closely involved in monitoring teaching standards, co-curricular provision and key policies in Chengdu.

    Long-term links

    St Paul’s Girls' School’s ‘China team’ of teachers and school leaders is already working to develop long-term links between our two schools. We have exciting plans for joint projects and exchanges, across engineering, technology, music and the arts, and we are confident that all SPGS International students will benefit greatly from its international link

    Sara Brazendale

    Sara Brazendale

    St Paul’s Girls' School International Director